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The Rt. Rev’d. James M. Stanton, Bishop
Phone: (214) 826-8310
Email: (use both);


The format of the briefs is left up to the student. Use your creativity if you wish. Powerpoint presentations, e.g., might be used.

Copies of the brief, if on paper, should be made available to each student in the class.


Students will be required to submit two “briefs” or papers during the course of the semester.  These papers should be brief (not to exceed 1800 words in length - roughly six pages.)  These papers will be presented to the class as a whole as indicated in the following schedule. The purpose of these papers is to permit students to engage in research of some specific item, issue, person, event or movement beyond what is presented in the lectures and about which they are interested. These briefs will enable the students to engage and teach one another.

The following list constitutes suggested topics or subjects of study only. You may choose to undertake a study of your own choosing. However, before beginning, contact Bishop Stanton for permission to do so.

Areas of Interest:

  • Church and Natives in the New World (from Bartolome de las Casas)
  • Episcopalians and the Constitution of the United States
  • Religious life in the Colonies before the Revolution
  • Anglican attitudes (domestic and other) toward the Revolution
  • Ministries to the Blind/Deaf in the Episcopal Church
  • History of Episcopal Contributions in Military Life (Chaplaincy)
  • Anne Hutchinson and Puritanism
  • Marriage and Divorce in early America
  • The Great Awakening
  • Funeral Practices and Rites
  • Anglican educational endeavors in the Colonies
  • The SPG and ministry to African slaves
  • The SPG and ministry to Native Americans
  • Trinity Church, Wall Street

People of Interest:

  • Samuel Johnson, educator and philosopher
  • Jonathan Edwards, philosopher and preacher
  • Bishop George Berkeley
  • Capt John Smith
  • Samuel Seabury
  • James Blair
  • Thomas Bray
  • George Keith
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Whitefield
  • John Wesley
  • Samuel Provoost
  • William White
  • Henry Compton, Bishop of London